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About Us

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Partner with us to ensure your organization meets
accessibility requirements for individuals 
with disabilities.  

Portrait with Hands Clasped


A scenario where disabled people are accessing digital content, and this picture depicts a

We are on a mission to make Europe more accessible

for everyone!


With the European Accessibility Act (Law) being enforced in 2025, it's time for businesses to

step up and provide inclusive digital experiences.


That's where we come in!


Our solutions help you create digital products and services that are accessible to all

regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

There are many barriers that people with disabilities encounter while using or browsing digital environments. 

Our vision is to create inclusive and accessible digital experiences for everyone.

Our services extend throughout Europe. And our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


1. Accessibility Implementation & Consultation.

  2. Website & Apps Enhancement.


                                       3. Accessibility Compliance Checks & Audit.

                                         4. VPAT Certificate Creation.


                                                                                                5. Re-testing, Remediation and Validation.

                                                                                                   6. Ongoing Monitoring and Support. 

                      7. Accessibility Checker Tool.

                         8. In-house Accessibility Workshop.

“The European Accessibility Act will make life easier for at least 87 million people – almost one in five Europeans –
who have disabilities, including many older people, and for those who have a temporary impairment."

~ European Commission

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